Almost every Sesame Street viewer knows about the grouchiest character of them all, Oscar the grouch, but few know about his pet worm, Slimy. Many would think that he’s just a boring old worm that Oscar just keeps because he’s like garbage, but Slimy is a very intelligent worm. He may not have much merchandise made after him, but he’s no regular worm.

Slimy plays several instruments, and even has friends that are just as unique as he is. Although Slimy is unique, he can’t talk, just make little noises. But just because he can’t talk doesn’t mean he’s boring.

Slimy has had lots of adventures and has quite a few mini-series, including Worms in Space. Worms in space is Slimy’s mini-series that teaches number, letters, and shapes. Slimy and his worm buddies form the shape, letter, or number in which the narrator announces, to make learning more fun. So overall, Slimy is quite an interesting character. He has tons of jobs, lots of worm buddies that are just as intelligent as he is, and he plays quite a few instruments. People should really think about making more merchandise for him.

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