Mr. Noodle, played by Bill Irwin, has been a fixture on the Elmo’s World Segment of Sesame Street. He helps to demonstrate the ideas that Elmo is trying to explain to the audience. Mr. Noodle does not speak, but uses props and pantomime to demonstrate things in a visual way that young children can understand. At times, during Mr. Noodle’s sketches, Elmo and some children can be heard explaining what Mr. Noodle is doing. At other times they are trying to guide him as he tries to complete his task.

Over the years we have met some of Mr. Noodle’s relatives. One was Mr. Noodle’s brother, Mr. Noodle. Mr. Noodle’s brother, Mr. Noodle, appeared alongside his brother and solo. Mr. Noodle’s brother was portrayed by actor Michael Jeter that also appeared on the big screen in “The Green Mile.” Jeter made his last appearance on Elmo’s world in 2003, which is sadly the year he also passed away.

We can also see other Noodle siblings on the show. Two different Noodle sisters have also appeared on the show one being played by Kristen Chenoweth and another Sarah Jones.