Is it ever to early to learn science?  Some may say that children just need to focus on the basic things like numbers, letters and shapes and then leave the other subjects for later.  But the curiosity of children seems to override that thought.  Children, as soon as they can communicate, are constantly asking questions about the world around the world around them.    These are moments that parents can take to teach children about science or any of the other subjects that preschooler is interested in learning. 

Preschoolers are curious about everything and this curiosity makes it a great time to teach them about science and the world around them.   Some of the facts that they will ask about, you know already.  Some of the others will need a little research.  But a little trip to the library will give access to a book that will provide most of the information they will need at this point.   Not only are they learning about science your also are helping them enjoy books.   Sometimes, when children are young they are only exposed to the non-fiction books, but there are many interesting non-fiction books that have great facts for them to learn and they will be able to see that in the science books you can read together.

Another way for them to learn is by watching videos.  There is abundance of videos on the internet that offer instruction on science.  You can find some for children of young ages that teach basic science concepts that preschoolers will be able to understand.      Another great place to find educational science videos is your local public library.  Just like it has been a place for educational books, the library has become a place to have educational material in different media forms.  

You can also find educational science show for young children.  “Sesame Street” hat have increased the amount of science in their program by creating a lot more science and technology content.   On PBS, where” Sesame Street”  airs, you can find other great science shows like “Sid the Science Kid” that explains a lot of science concepts at the level of a young child.   

Science will be a required part of your child education.  Now , while they are young, is a good time to have them develop a learning new things that they can take into the future.