Many Sesame Street viewers know about one of their newest characters, the furry orange monster himself, Murray. Murray rarely shows when he’s not in his own mini show, called, Murray had a little lamb, where him and his lamb, Ovajita, visit different schools and learn about them. They also learn new words in Spanish.

Murray and Ovajita don’t visit normal schools that teach math, science, English, and social studies, they visit schools like gardening schools, gymnastics schools, cooking schools, and many more! They not only visit these schools, but they get to learn the same things the students do, as if student for the day. The instructors teach them how to do the tricks and master what they are teaching the children. Murray also asks the children how the do what they’re doing, and how long they have been doing it. Murray tries to do what the students are doing, and it takes him a while to do it right, while Ovajita masters it on the first try.

Murray and Ovajita also present the letter and number of the day at the end of every episode, first seeing if your child can remember what it is first, before they reveal it to them.  They also make the sound of the letter, to reinforce your child’s learning.
Overall, Murray is a pretty lovable character, who has tons of merchandise made after him.  He has all sorts of clothes, like play clothes, night slippers, shoes, and socks.

 There are also other Sesame Street characters, including Abby Caddy, and Grover, two famous Sesame Street characters.