Sesame Street has taken on STEM with the addition of art in what is called STEAM(Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math).  Each segment tries to tackle a few of these topics in a way that preschoolers can understand and still be entertained.  On both the daily television show and on the website, Super Grover has been used as character to introduce the students to some concepts.

On one episode there was putting the cart below the horse.    The horse, instead of pulling the cart, was sitting inside of the cart.   Super Grover had to find different individuals that could have enough force to pull the cart.  Some of the animals used was the worm and then the pig.    By trial and error we see Super Grover go through different concepts and help solve different concepts.     Your child does not need to be a Newton to know about force, but having them understand simple concepts now will help them grasp it as they move one to higher grades in the future.  

Of course, some of the best free sights to find help is the website and the Sesame Street programs, but there are many other places online for parents to use.

Online Force Resouces  

Idaho Public Television Force and Motion

Idaho Public Television has a wonderful webpage that discusses force and motion in simple terms for children.    This is great for elementary students and older children, but there should be parts that preschoolers can understand.

Bio of Sir Isaac Newton from California’s Energy Commission

This is a brief Biography of Newton that is written for young children.

This webpage has several resources that teaches for to children of various ages.   Some of these many be beyond the grasp of preschoolers.  

Forces in Motion

There is an interactive game that helps to bring the concept of home for children.  This game will require that parents work along with their little one. 

Other than the online resource there are some books that you can find at your local library that are great for explaining for to your young child. 

Book Force Resources

These books are available for purchase at the book store, but are also available at you local library.   Most local libraries provide there patrons with the ability to request these books online.  Once the books have been requested, patrons can then go to there local library and pick them up.  If your plan is to borrow the book from your loal library, I would recommend you place a request for the following Force related books.

  • Pull and Push by Sally Hewitt copyright 2003.
  • What Makes It Swing by Jim Pipe copyright 2002