Kermit the Frog is one of the original Muppets to appear on Sesame Street. Along with being on Sesame Street we have seen him in other television shows and movies. On the earlier days of Sesame Street, Kermit served as an ace reporter with a mike and trademark jacket. Kermit also sang one of the classic songs that viewers still remember “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” That song was used recently in a commercial for a more ecofriendly car. Kermit was a part of many other Muppet movies, where he was the object of Miss Piggy’s affection. Even in the 80s cartoon, Muppet Babies, Kermit could not escape Miss Muppet’s love and adoration. Fans today have an adoration of Kermit and can show some green frog love with the Kermit products and memorabilia.