Practically all sesame street viewers know about Elmo, the furry red monster, but not as many know about Dorothy, his pet goldfish.  Although Dorothy is an average goldfish, Elmo’s imagination makes that just the opposite.

In Elmo’s imagination, she can talk, play, and even have jobs. He even pretends that she asks about a specific topic, like what are pets, and makes that the topic of his whole show. It’s very clear that Elmo loves his fish.  His imagination makes Dorothy imagine that he is something related to the topic, for example, if they are talking about pets, Dorothy will imagine that Elmo is a dog.

Dorothy may not be an above average fish, but she still has tons of merchandise. She has video games, clothes, school supplies, shoes, pajamas, bathing suits, and even toys made after her. Even though Dorothy may not talk or be above average, but she is loved by tons of Sesame Street viewers.  Dorothy was, is, and will be the most loved of all the pets on all of Sesame Street for a very long time.
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