First things first. is not the official, or even the unofficial, website for Sesame Street.    This is just a fan site started out of love for Elmo and all his friends on Sesame Street.

You should notice by the name that this website is about Elmo, Sesame Street, and everything that may be related.  Sesame Street is a big part of American culture and has become a large part of the world’s culture.  What first began as a way to help give young children a jump start in their education, has now become a Pop culture phenomenon far beyond what anyone could have expected.  Now this website is dedicated to showcasing the greatness of Sesame Street and everything related.

If you would like to visit the official Sesame Street website you can do so by going to   But although we may not be what you were originally looking for, we hope that you stick around and find something that you will enjoy.